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How to choose laminate flooring

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omposite wood floors are popular in the last few years. It is in the log after crushing, fill in add gum, preservatives, additives, after the hot press processing and high temperature and high pressure, so it broke the physical structure of the log, to overcome the weakness of the log stability. Composite floor with high strength, uniform specifications, high wear resistance coefficient, anticorrosive, moth proofing and good decorative effect, overcome the problem log surface scar section, worms eyes, color. Composite floor without painting and waxing, wide use, easy to take care of. In addition, the use of composite flooring is high, is a very good environmental protection material.


Base material of aggrandizement compound floor is high density board, from the notch or the section, color of the substrate if the pan black that inside the inferior wood or bark, this kind of wood fiber products is short, and the need to use more glue adhesive, thus affecting the degree of environmental protection products. Recommend cautious purchase.

 Substrate in laminate flooring in the highest proportion of the cost of the highest, in addition to strengthen the composite floor, three paper is also very particular about. The three paper is wear-resistant paper, decorative paper and waterproof paper. Wear resistant paper is transparent, in the top layer of laminate flooring, good products, high transparency, good wear resistance. At least 6000 or more. Wear resistant paper is not the more the better, if the paper is too thick, easy to burst. Decorative paper in the paper below, we usually see the strengthening of the composite floor pattern is the pattern of decorative paper. High quality decorative paper lines clear, good color fastness, with anti UV function, the sun will not change color or color long. Waterproof paper at the back of the substrate, just as its name implies, play a moisture-proof waterproof paper to prevent substrate subjected to tidal erosion after deformation.