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Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring

Views: 56812/22/2015  

Solid wood flooring is made of wood, which is the most traditional and ancient floor. Solid wood floor (also known as the wood floor) with no pollution, pattern of natural, elegant, rich in emotional, flexible, and other advantages, is currently the home decoration, the floor laying of the preferred materials. Its disadvantage is not wear, easy to lose luster.




1 have natural wood color, ring and texture, natural beauty, with outstanding visual effects;


2 good elasticity, the friction coefficient is small, comfortable;


3 have good thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation performance;

4 old after after planing, in addition to paint paint again after renovation.




1 higher drying requirements, it is not suitable for the use of the larger changes in the humidity, otherwise prone to swelling, shrinkage deformation;


2 afraid of acid alkali and other chemicals, afraid of burning.